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Please complete the Lawrence’s Spring Family-School Relationship Survey by clicking here, or clicking on the image below. 

Lawrence Family-School Relationship Survey
The Lawrence Elementary School


The Lawrence School is an inclusive community that supports and values the academic, social, physical, and emotional development of every student. We create a safe environment and foster mutually-supportive relationships among all stakeholders so that all children can maximize their potential in order to succeed as global citizens

      Principal’s Message for September 2018

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer and is ready for a new school year. For our new families to Lawrence School, I think you will quickly see what a wonderful community we are here at Lawrence. Families and the community are supportive of one another and work well with the teachers and me to create outstanding educational experiences for all children. I am looking forward to a great school year!


Strong and frequent communication between the school and home is essential. There are many ways of communicating with our school. Here are a few ideas:

  • Contacting the classroom teachers through e-mail with any questions. All e-mail accounts use the teacher’s last name and first initial. Ex: Jim Gaudreau is gaudreauj@mpsct.org.
  • Each teacher uses a regular communication system (Class Dojo, Remind, group emails, etc.). Sign up to receive reminders and updates from the teachers.
  • Visit the Middletown Public Schools webpage for detailed descriptions of the curriculum and for all of our policies. The district and school handbook are also on our website.
  • Read all communication between the teacher and home
  • Attending Parent Conferences in November and March
  • Tuesday folders: children in kindergarten – grade 5 receive folders every week. Inside are important notices from the school about upcoming events, the PTA, and family fun activities. If you have an important message to give to the school, you can put the note/message in the Tuesday folder. Folders are returned to school on Wednesdays.
  • Volunteering in your child’s class or attending PTA events. We will hold a Volunteer Information Night at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 13 to learn more – be visible at schoolJ
  • Participating in Home Visiting
  • Attending PTA Meetings or Volunteering to Organize a School-wide Event
  • Participate in our family book clubs – more information will be coming soon


The best way to create a positive school experience is for all families and teachers to work together. Our staff wants to support your children’s progress by working with you to help them reach their goals.  


Instructional Focus: As a staff, we will be focusing on creating activities and lessons that emphasize  real-world applications, relevance, and rigor. Supporting students as they create achievable goals and working with them to strategize how best to meet their goals will be critical, as well. All students will create personalized goals and will have opportunities to reflect on their progress and efforts as learners. If we intentionally plan student-centered activities to support our students’ abilities to question, dialogue, and reflect, then students will take more control over their own learning and will meet their own personal goals.


“Whether you think that you can or you can’t, you’re usually right.”                          Henry Ford

Another priority at Lawrence School is helping to promote in students a belief that they can and will learn. Some new topics will be difficult for many students (learning how to multiply, learning science vocabularly, knowing sight words, etc.), but as long as students have a belief in themselves, then they can achieve and meet any goal. We emphasize the word YET – “I may not know how to subtract two numbers YET, but with a good attitude and a belief in myself, I can and will learn!” This mindset shift for some students is critical in their growth, so promoting this at home as well will help your children.   


           Welcoming New Staff to Lawrence Elementary School

Sunita Madore and Andrea Gracy are our new interventionists, K-5. Marlene Berson will be rejoining us as a  building substitute teacher. Welcome back!

Shamika Jackson is our new Physical Education teacher. She previously worked in Manchester but lives in Middletown. 

Tracy DeCosta will be joining us as a paraprofessional. She worked last year at Spencer School. 

Molly Zarnick will be our new speech pathologist.

Kelsi Harmon will be our new music teacher filling in for Mrs. Scala during her maternity leave. We are all so excited for Mrs. Scala on the birth of her twin boys.    


           Arrival Times & Dropping off Children in the Morning

Important reminder: children in K-5 can be dropped off starting at 8:45 a.m. Teachers begin their bus duty at 8:45 a.m. and unload buses at the same time. The official start of school is 8:50 a.m. Children are considered tardy if they are not in their classrooms by 8:55 am.


Please do not forget to call the school when you are keeping your child home or you know your child will be late to school for an appointment. The best number to call is 860-632-2158.

In addition to calling your child absent, a written note from the parent to excuse the absence is also required. The note can be given to your child to bring to school when he/she returns and can be given to the classroom teacher. Thank you for your support in writing these absence notes.   

ATTENDANCE is very important to us. Our goal is ON TIME, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY!


Social and Emotional Learning Opportunities

We emphasize the importance of students being able to recognize their emotions and to learn strategies on how best to regulate their emotions. The staff has been trained in the RULER, a strategy from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (ei.yale.edu).

                R      Recognizing                  Identifying emotions in ourselves and others

                U     Understanding             Knowing the causes of emotions (why do we feel the way we do)

                L      Labeling                           Knowing feeling words to help us communicate feelings accurately

                E      Expressing                     Learning how to display our feelings and act in the school setting

                R      Regulating                     Developing strategies to manage our feelings

Your children will be coming home and will most likely be using some of the vocabulary and strategies we teach at school. You may hear about the META-MOMENT or TRIGGERS or your children may talk about breathing techniques and strategies. We will send home for you copies of the strategies and vocabulary we use so that you can also reinforce this at home if you so choose. Thank you.  

                                                 FIRST PTA MEETING

Our first PTA meeting will be Thursday, October 4, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the library. All families are welcome to attend, as we have free baby-sitting and light snacks. We love to hear new ideas and truly value your feedback, so please come by!

 Elementary School Handbook

I am pleased to notify you that the Lawrence School and District Elementary Parent and Student Handbook 2018-19 is available on the Middletown Public Schools website, www.middletownschools.org.   Described in the handbook are district policies regarding discipline (suspensions and expulsions), dress codes, attendance, and bullying. Please take some time to review this document with your child.

If you are unable to access this handbook online, please contact our school office. If you would like to request a paper copy of the handbook, please call Mrs. Mosca, the school secretary, at 860-632-2158.

                      BIRTHDAY AND TREATS POLICY

We are asking all families for your support of the district-wide policy regarding food that can be brought into school by families. The BOE has adopted a policy that students will not be allowed to bring in cupcakes or treats other than fruits and/or vegetables for birthday celebrations.

Only fruits or vegetables can be brought in by families to be shared. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we work together to keep all children safe in our school community.  


                     PTA Reminders & Calendar

By Friday, September 7:         Students submit summer reading lists (surprise next week for all participants, grades 1-5)


Monday, September 10:        EARLY RELEASE DAY             
Students dismissed at 1:15 pm


Wednesday, September 12: Welcome Back to School Breakfast     volunteer to bring in something for teachers          you can drop off items on Tuesday or before 8:45 am on Wednesday.

                              THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Thursday, September 13:      Volunteer Meeting at 6:30 pm  learn about various opportunities.  Free baby-sitting and light snacks

                               All families are welcome to attend



Monday, September 24:        EARLY RELEASE DAY               
Students dismissed at 1:15 pm


Thursday, October 4:             PTA Meeting at 6:30 pm

free baby-sitting and light snacks

All families are welcome to attend





  1. We foster students’ emotional intelligence because we believe social-emotional learning is key to the development of the whole child.


  2. We cultivate a growth mindset among students, families, and staff because we believe in the value and importance of perseverance, varied learning dispositions, goal setting, and reflection.


  3. We foster a safe and welcoming environment that promotes a school community of supportive, empathetic, and cooperative individuals who are socially responsible.


  4. We engage learners by purposefully planning lessons that encourage inquiry and critical thinking, value student interest, and promote collaboration and discourse.


  5. We value a comprehensive arts and physical education program that enhances the core curriculum and allows students to explore, experience, and appreciate world cultures, while encouraging creativity, curiosity, and healthy movement.


  6. We provide rigorous challenges so students take ownership of  their learning as they use reasoning and thinking skills and academic risk-taking in order to develop creativity, perseverance, and  recognition of their role in the global environment.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

The Middletown Board of Education is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, marital status, civil union, military or veteran status, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or past or present physical or mental disability in any of its education programs, activities, or employment policies.  All educational programs and offerings, including vocational education and extracurricular activities, subscribe to this policy. Marco Gaylord, Director of District Operations, has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the district non-discrimination policies and may be reached at 311 Hunting Hill Avenue, Middletown, CT  06457; phone (860) 638-1485.

Lawrence School
Kaplan Drive
Middletown,CT 06457

Phone: 860-632-2158
Fax:  860-632-0738

James Gaudreau

Our Adopt-a-School
Board of Ed. member is:
Edward Ford, Jr.

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