Emergency School Closing

Emergency Closing Notice

To: Lawrence School Parents/Guardians

Re: Emergency Closing of School or Change in Dismissal Arrangements

Date: August 30, 2009

If a Code Red Alert is issued and the governor directs the closure of schools, the following guidelines will be followed:

  • The school will be locked down.
  • After consultation with city emergency services, a decision will be made about if and when students will be placed on buses to be returned to their homes. Building emergency plans will be in effect.
  • If buses are not used, students will remain in school until picked up by their parents.
  • Staff members who have volunteered to remain in school during this level of emergency will supervise all remaining students.
  • Teachers based on the teachers ‘knowledge of their students' cognitive and emotional levels of understanding will inform students of the Code Red decision.

It is important that the staff at school knows of any changes in dismissal procedures that you may have arranged for your child/children in the event of an emergency closing of school. In the event that The Lawrence School has to close or there is an early dismissal due to a Code Red Alert or unforeseen circumstances, it is important that we know what procedures you would like us to follow to ensure the safety of our students.

Please check off one of the plans listed on the Emergency Dismissal Form that would be best for your child. Discuss the plan with your child and review it periodically with him/her. If your plans change during the school year, please inform us in writing. We will use the information below unless you notify us differently in writing.

When and if a Code Red Alert is broadcasted, please listen to the radio or watch your local news station for an announcement of the closing of school. It is imperative that you do not call the school inquiring about the early dismissal. Our phone lines must remain open in the event of an emergency. For this particular emergency closing, we will NOT be calling each parent or guardian.