Climate Committee


Annual Bullying Notice

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 10-222d, the Middletown Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan was adopted by the Board of Education on September 9, 2014. Click here to access Safe School Climate Plan 5131.911.

The district's climate strategies are reviewed several times a year by the District Data Team - Climate Subcommittee. This work gives us the Safe School Climate Plan Appendix - Strategies.


Climate Report Card


What is school climate?

School climate is how we describe the experience that parents, students and staff have within our schools. Do you feel welcomed? Are families feeling valued? Is your school a place where learning is important? Does your child feel safe? These questions are all a part of what makes school climate so important. It is the way we set the tone for how we will treat each other in order to ensure that every child succeeds.

In April 2015, we asked parents, teachers and students to rate their school climate experience in Middletown Public Schools. We did great! Everyone agrees - Middletown Public Schools are setting the right tone for growing and learning.

We did great - see for yourself!

Bielefield School

Farm Hill School 

Lawrence School

Macdonough School

Moody School

Snow School

Spencer School

Wesley School

Keigwin Middle School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Middletown High School

All Board of Education policies regarding bullying prevention and school climate improvement are located on the district website:

Click on the above video to view Woodrow Wilson Middle School Pride Patrol Elementary AntiBullying presented August 27, 2015.