Emergency Planning


The Middletown Public Schools is committed to ensuring that our schools are safe for our students, staff, and parents and that we are ready to respond to emergencies that we might face.

The Lawrence School has a Crisis Team that meets periodically to review procedures for dealing with weather, fire and other emergencies that require immediate attention. As a school we practice evacuation and lock down drills many times during the school year.

Each classroom teacher has an emergency Pack and Go kit which includes an emergency planning guide, flashlight and batteries, classroom roster, contact phone list, etc...in the event we must remain out of the building for a long period of time.

We have made arrangements for Keigwin MS to be the location for parents to go to await updates, if needed as the road leading up to the school would need to be used for emergency personnel in the event we faced an emergency. In the event we could not go back into the school as a result of an emergency, we have set procedures for walking to Keigwin MS as Mile Lane has sidewalks, or arrangements could be made for a bus to get us there.

Be assured that emergency planning is taken very seriously and we all use discretion in helping our students understand the importance of this planning without causing undue alarm or upset. Your support of all that we are doing at Lawrence School to keep it safe for all of us is greatly appreciated! Be on the lookout for regular updates of our emergency planning procedures in our monthly newsletter.