PAWS Program

School-wide Behavior Plan

Lawrence School 2016-2017

In an attempt to bring consistency to our school, we have developed a school-wide plan of expectations for our children. Everyone, including our families, have an important role in implementing this plan. Please take the time to review our expectations.

1. Students at The Lawrence School will take pride in their efforts to follow our motto, “Pride. Acceptance. Watch. Safety.” Throughout the day, our students will put school-wide guidelines into action. They are:

Pride: Have pride and respect for yourself, your school and the community

Acceptance: Accept and value the similarities and differences in others

Watch: Watch out for one another and always be kind

Safety: Walk, sit and play safely

In the classroom, students will follow the teacher's classroom rules. Because each teacher structures his/her classroom and activities a little differently, teachers will clearly communicate their expectations for each activity.

2. We need the support and cooperation of families to effectively help each student reach his/her fullest potential. We are asking families to play a major role in assisting us with school discipline and teaching responsibility. When students see that parents support their best efforts, they are given a real incentive to strive for excellence. Please support us by having your children in school on time and by reinforcing positive behavior at school and home. We will keep parents informed of student responsibility and efforts through conferences, report cards, phone calls, and notes.

3. If there is a significant recurring discipline issue, parents will be asked to help staff work with the child to learn an alternative set of behaviors. By working together, parents and staff can help the student learn behaviors that will increase opportunities for success.


The most important means of encouraging students are the minute-by-minute interactions that occur between staff and students. We will strive to interact with students in a friendly, supportive manner at all times. Staff will attempt to interact with each student more frequently when the student is engaged in responsible behavior rather than when the student is not being responsible.

RESPONSIBILITY IN COMMON AREAS (Less Structured Environments):

A school's common areas are the playgrounds, hallways, rest rooms and the cafeteria. It is important to share consistent expectations for responsible behavior. Each classroom teacher will use the following information to teach students what constitutes responsible behavior:


Goal - Students will play safely in all games and on all equipment.

Responsible Playground Behavior:

  1. Rough play is not allowed on the playground
  2. There will be no pushing of others or “play fighting”
  3. There are to be no tag games and/or contact sports
  4. Use of the slide: a. only one at a time b. remain seated on slide c. use the slide for going down (feet first) d. do not stop or lean over the side


Goal - The hallways of Lawrence will be a safe and quiet environment where adults, students and visitors will interact with courtesy and respect.

Responsible Hallway Behavior:

  1. Students will move quietly and safely through the hallways, always walking on the right side.
  2. Students will follow the proper line structure when walking with a group consisting of: a. walking in line, facing forward at all times (no gaps in the line). b. keeping body parts to themselves c. following the person directly in front of them.
  3. Student will have a pass when moving through the hallways without adult supervision.
  4. Staff members will stop any student(s) misbehaving and re-teach.


Goal - The restrooms at Lawrence will be safe and clean.

Responsible Restroom Behavior:

  1. Use restrooms with permission from the teacher.
  2. Use restrooms appropriately and leave them clean.
  3. Put toilet paper in the toilet and all other paper in the garbage can.
  4. Flush the toilet and wash your hands.
  5. Leave the restroom as soon as you finish.


Goal - The lunch line and cafeteria of Lawrence will be a safe and clean environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.

Responsible Cafeteria Behavior:

  1. Students will stay in seats and raise their hands for help.
  2. Students will use inside voices at all times.
  3. Students will quiet down as soon as they hear the chime.
  4. Students will keep hands, feet, objects to themselves.
  5. Students will walk in the cafeteria at all times.
  6. Students will dispose of their trash properly..
  7. Everyone will use good manners and treat others with respect..
  8. Students will pick up after themselves.

It is critical for the school and home to establish a partnership that will ensure all students attending The Lawrence School meet our expectations for appropriate behavior. Please remember we are a team! We want what is BEST for our children always!