Behavioral Expectations

 To: The Lawrence School Parents/Guardians

From: The Lawrence School Staff

Date: September 2018

In order to provide a safe, orderly learning environment for our students, staff, and parent community, we have adopted the following expectations and procedures to be implemented this school year.

We will continue the school-wide implementation of the PAWS Program as one strategy for helping our students display appropriate behavior at school. We will also continue our periodic celebrations of "Students of the Month" with the awarding of certificates at Morning Meeting exercises and a special activity to acknowledge our students' responsible behavior. Pictures of our "Students of the Month" will be posted on our bulletin board display for all to see. Most importantly, however, is the need for the school and home to establish a partnership that will ensure all students attending Lawrence School meet our expectations for appropriate behavior. Please remember, we are all on the same team! We want what is BEST for our children ALWAYS!

Please review the attached information regarding our behavior expectations for Lawrence School. This includes our students' behavior to and from school on the school buses. Sign and return the form below to your child's teacher, indicating that you have reviewed and discussed this information with your child. The Middletown Public Schools Elementary Handbook also includes a section on student behavior and related policies that you should review as well.

Working together, the 2017- 2018 school year at The Lawrence School should be an exciting and memorable one for all of us.

Behavior Expectations

School Year 2018 - 2019 

Dear ______________________________:

(Teacher's Name)

I have reviewed and discussed the behavior expectations for The Lawrence School with my child.

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Examples of behavior/conduct which may lead to in-school suspension, out of school suspension, and/or expulsion are:

  • Willfully striking or assaulting a student or any member of the school staff
  • Violent or disorderly conduct
  • Deliberate refusal to obey a member of the school staff
  • Stealing of other's property
  • A walkout or a sit-in within a classroom
  • Blackmailing, threatening, or intimidating school staff or another student
  • Having in personal possession any kind of weapon such as a pistol, knife, blackjack, etc. or a weapon facsimile
  • Willful destruction of school property or of property of staff members or other students
  • Actions, which require the evacuation of the building, such as a false fire alarm
  • Any behavior that is deemed disrespectful toward any staff member, interferes with the safety and order of the school environment, or violates a publicized policy of the Board of Education

When a student is sent to the office, he/she will be required to fill out a Behavior Reflection Form. This form gives the student the opportunity to think about the situation and his/her inappropriate behavior. It also allows the student to think about what he/she could have done better when responding to real life situations, and or conflicts that may occur with others.

Grounds for suspension and/or expulsion may occur on or off school property, while receiving or awaiting school transportation services, or at any school-sponsored activity.

Students will not be suspended without an informal hearing before the building principal or the principal's designee (head teacher) unless it is determined that an emergency situation exists.

The principal or his designee will make every possible attempt to reach the parent/guardian of the students, stating the charges against the student, and the terms/conditions of the suspension. 

A letter will be forwarded to the parent or legal guardian within one school day of the suspension, stating the charges and terms and conditions of the suspension, and offering the parents or legal guardian the opportunity for a conference to discuss the suspension. A copy of the letter will be maintained in the student's cumulative folder.

In-school suspension is another intervention that the building principal or her designee can impose on a student whose conduct endangers persons or property or is seriously disruptive to the educational process, or is a violation of a publicized policy of the board of education. In-school suspension means an exclusion from regular classroom activity for no more than five (5) consecutive school days, but not exclusion from school. No student will be placed on in-school suspension without an informal hearing before the building principal or designee at which time such student shall be informed of the reasons for the disciplinary action and given an opportunity to explain the situation.

Working together, we can expect all of our students attending Lawrence School to:

Ø Respect adults and each other.

Ø Respect all property at The Lawrence School, including other students' possessions.

Ø Demonstrate appropriate classroom and school behavior that does not interfere with their learning and the learning of others.

Ø Care for one another at all times; both in the classroom and around the school building.

Having everyone in our school community supporting these expectations, I know that we will have a wonderful and exciting 2018- 2019 school year!